• Fix & Flip up to 90% of the Purchase Price and 100% of the Rehab Costs, not to exceed 75% of the After-Repair-Value (ARV) with rates as low as 7.25%. Our loans typically range from $75k – $10M+ with 3-24 months term depending on the project. We will consider credit in the low 600.
  • Residential Fix and Lease (Buy-to-Rent) up to 90% LTC – 2, 5 or 10 year term with the option to amortize over 30 years or make interest only payments.
  • Refinance Cash Out up to 75% LTV/ARV on commercial and non-owner occupied residential properties. Maximum Loan-to-Value varies by eligible property type, up to 75% “As-Is” Value.
  • Rental Property Loans; refinancing 1-4F residential rental property to cash-out up to 75% LTV. Unlock the equity in your rental properties and grow your investment portfolio in purchasing more property’s. –Financing for Single Asset Rental Loans and Portfolio Rental Properties. Rent Coverage Ratio/Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) in the 1.25x range and better
  • Fix and Flip Credit Line from $100,000 – $8M+ enabling real estate investors to access capital quickly, without the hassle of financing hurdles to purchase, renovate and sell multiple properties. Rates vary depending on your real estate investment experience.
  • Ground-Up new construction residential financing for up to 95% of the construction costs, max 75% ARV.
  • Land financing – up to 75% of the land value. For the investor who own land that is free-and-clear in shovel-ready condition and is in need of capital for a construction loan, we can provide up to 100% of the construction cost.
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