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Our motto is always about building relationships—we get to know you—we work with you—and we’ll get your loan funded!

Prime One Capital® provides non-traditional asset-based loans for non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties across the country. We provide short-term real estate commercial loans, often called hard money loan or as we like to consider it relationship-based rather than hard money lending. We provide non-traditional financing to real estate investors seeking to purchase, rehab/renovate and re-sell residential properties including multi-family and mixed-use properties. Our loans generally range from $75k - $10M+ with rates as low as 7.25% and 3 to 24 month loan terms depending on the project. We’ll make exceptions to our established client base.

Prime One Capital® is owned & operated by a team of service oriented professionals that possess over 20 years of real estate and mortgage banking industry experience with tremendous knowledge of deal structure and flexible financing and investing solutions. We primarily focus on purchase money and refinance transactions of commercial real estate and non-owner occupied residential projects. Our extensive background in commercial loans allow us to provide fast and flexible solutions to each borrower(s) unique financing requirements and in getting your deals closed.

At Prime One Capital® whether you’re looking for capital for fix & flips, rehab construction, expanding your rental property portfolio or for a commercial project, we can provide financing to investors seeking meaningful opportunities to invest in. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients offering our real estate and financing expertise to find you the optimal loan solution and in helping you overcome financing hurdles ensuring you successfully grow & expand your real estate investment business.

Prime One Capital® take a common sense approach to underwriting when it comes to lending. We analyze each deal based on its own merits, and we look at the strength of the property plan including the value of the property and its future potential capital improvements rather than other factors irrelevant to the deal at hand. Prime One Capital® provide short-term financing to real estate professionals for Fix and Flip, Fix and Hold for rental income, Real estate backed lines of credit and Refinance to cash out equity. We can provide financing for non-owner occupied 1-4 family residential properties, Condos, Townhomes, Commercial residential rental property, Multi-family apartments, Ground-up construction, and Mixed-use; office buildings & retail spaces.Our loans range from $75k - $10M+ with rates as low as 7.25% and 3 to 24 month loan terms depending on the project. We’ll consider credit in the low 600 andwill make exceptions to our established client base. At Prime One Capital® our team of knowledgeable and respected professionals will take the steps to assure you during the course of doing business that we are committed to upholding the highest ethical and customer service standards and applying best practices to help our clients grow long term & generational wealth.

*Our motto is always about building relationships— we get to know you—we work with you—and we’ll get your loan funded!

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